Civic Literacy Workshop: List of Presenters

The current list of presenters (in alphabetical order) includes:

  • Gary Anhalt, Cedar Rapids Community School Board
  • Sara Bearrows, Linn County Chief Deputy County Treasurer
  • Randy Bauer, College Community School Board
  • Veronica Cerka,  Linn County Board of Adjustment
  • Dwayne Daniels, Linn County Compensation Commission for Condemnation Purposes
  • Anne Duggar, NGO: Catherine McCauly Center
  • Darrin Gage, Linn County Director of Policy and Administration & Linn County ADA Advisory Committee
  • Eugenia Kendall,  NGO: Positive Words and Actions to speak about the “Welcoming Community” Initiative.
  • Sonia Kendrick, Linn County Food Systems Council & NGO: Feed Iowa First
  • Myrna Loehrlein, President of the Linn County League of Women Voters
  • Joel Miller, Linn County Auditor
  • Ben Rogers, Linn County Supervisor
  • John Swanson, Kirkwood Community College Board of Trustees
  • Dale Todd, Former Cedar Rapids City Council Member
  • Aime Wichtendahl, Hiawatha City Council Member
  • Political Party Representatives:
    – Bret Nilles  (Chair, Linn County Democratic Central Committee)
    – Justin Wasson (Chair, Linn County Republican Central Committee)
    – Myra Matejka  (Linn County Organizer, Libertarian Party)
    – Nathan Giddings (Linn County Green Party)

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