We are striving to include all events in Cedar Rapids that are relevant to the issues we care about, so that our members and the public can easily find events they would like to attend, and so that organizations can avoid scheduling conflicts as much as possible.

If you know of other events relevant to our values and goals, submit them via our “contact” page.

To see this calendar “full size” in your browser, click here.

To add this calendar to your own (so these events would show up automatically whenever you look at your Google Calendar) click the “+” sign in the bottom right of the calendar.
If there are so many events that they make it hard to see your personal events,  simply un-check the box next to the calendar name “CR Solidarity” to make them temporarily disappear, and re-check the box to have them re-appear when you want to see them.

To see local events events like these pop up in your Facebook feed, join:  www.facebook.com/groups/crsolidarity/


2 thoughts on “”

  1. So I think the Marion City Council meetings should be on the calendar on the 4th and the 18th of April (Tuesdays), and the 6th and the 20th (Thursdays). Am I wrong


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