Civic Literacy Workshop

THANK YOU to all the PRESENTERS, VOLUNTEERS, and all who came TO LEARN!

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Event Agenda / List of Presenters, still available by clicking here.


“All politics is LOCAL!”
Learn how City & County Government (including Boards and Commissions) work, and how YOU can get involved!

Saturday, April 15,  1-5 pm  at the Cedar Rapids Public Library

  • Do City Councils and County Supervisors do the same
    or different types of things?
  • What do City and County Boards and Commissions do?
  • Are School Boards part of Government? What do they do?
  • What does local government have to do with my food?
  • What taxes are paid locally and how are they spent?
  • How can I best advocate for local / county projects?
  • What do political parties do at the city / county level?
  • How can we make Linn County a “Welcoming Community”?

Questions like these will be answered by members of the League of Women Voters (LWV) during an introductory overview, and by current and former local officials and non-profit leaders who interact with local governments during a variety of specific breakout sessions.   We’ll also celebrate the 200th Birthday of George Greene, early Mayor and Civic Leader of Cedar Rapids, after whom Greene Square is named.

Event Agenda, including List of Presenters, still available by clicking here.